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Sustainable Investing – Fund Selection

May 1, 2019 BY Leigh Bivings

In this issue, we take a close look at the leading U.S. large company passively-managed ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) funds – funds that seek to overweight (i.e., reward) companies that are embracing ESG best practices. We also review some of the more recent research on ESG and financial performance, most of which show a strong correlation between good ESG practices and financial outperformance over time.

Our purpose is to find a fund that we can begin to use in all client portfolios with the confidence that we are not sacrificing returns, and with the satisfaction that we might be contributing to a cleaner and more just world.

Leigh Bivings, Ph.D., CFP® and CDFA™ is the founder of Artemis Advisors and serves as the firm’s Chief Executive Officer. As CEO, she sets the firm’s overall direction and its investment strategy.