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Every quarter we write about market developments and their implications for the investment strategies we are pursuing for our clients. These Artemis Quarterly Reports are available below.

Additionally, our Artemis Briefs aim to provide smart and timely insights on both general financial planning and investment-oriented topics.

These reports and briefs are available by clicking their respective link.


Q3 2020:

Q2 2020:
Technology Disruptors

Q1 2020: Portfolio Strategy Post-COVID-19

Q4 2019: Market Outlook & Strategy for 2020

Q3 2019: What is the Right Retirement Portfolio?

Q2 2019: Late Cycle Asset Allocation Choices

Q1 2019: Sustainable Investing - Fund Selection

Q4 2018: Market Outlook and Strategy for 2019

Q3 2018: The Resiliency of Global, Balanced Portfolios

Q2 2018: Technology Investing - Is This Time Different?

Q1 2018: The Rise of Thematic Investing

Q4 2017: Outlook and Strategy for 2018

Q3 2017: The Endowment Model of Investing

Q2 2017: Is the Bull Market Over?

Q1 2017: Reducing Trade Deficits and Immigration

Q4 2016: Outlook and Strategy for 2017

Q3 2016: Trade politics and the Presidential election

Q2 2016: Value Investing on the Comeback?

Q1 2016: The Promise and Pitfalls of Negative Interest Rates

Q4 2015: Outlook and Strategy for 2016

Q3 2015: Emerging Markets, The Fed, and China

Q2 2015: Low Returns and Sequence-of-Returns Risk

Q1 2015: The Power of Diversification

Q4 2014: Market Outlook and Strategy for 2015

Q3 2014: Investment Themes for Turbulent Times

Q2 2014: Prospective Asset Class Returns

Q1 2014: What’s Going on in China?

Q4 2013: Outlook and Strategy for 2014

Q3 2013: Generating Tax Alpha

Q2 2013: Sources of Equity Returns

Q1 2013: Comparing Investment Returns Across Wealth Management Firms

Q4 2012: Outlook and Strategy for 2013

Q3 2012: Tax Reform: What Should Investors Do?

Q2 2012: Tail Risk Insurance

Q1 2012: Recent Trends in the U.S. Housing Market


2020| No. 29
Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage Early?

2020, No. 28: Should You Put Your Vacation Home in an LLC?

2020, No. 27: Gender Lens Investing

2020, No. 26: Do You Know What Your Number Is?

2020, No. 25: Investment Returns: What's in Store for the Next Decade?

2020, No. 24: Medicare and Travel Health Insurance

2019, No. 23: Should You Buy an Annuity for Retirement Income?

2019, No. 22 The Health-Wealth Connection and Gender Differences

2019, No. 21 Robo-Advisors vs. Traditional Financial Advisors

2019, No. 20: Is Permanent Life Insurance a Good Way to Save?

2018, No. 19: How Much Does it Cost to Own a Vacation Home?

2018, No. 18: What Does It Cost to Raise a Child?

2017, No. 17: Roth IRAs for Kids and Grandkids!

2017, No. 16: Are You Managing Your Credit Score?

2017, No. 15: Should You Contribute After-tax Dollars to Your Retirement Plan?

2016, No. 14: Should You Borrow From Your Retirement Plan To Buy A Home?

2016, No. 13: Are You Maximizing the HSA Opportunity

2015, No. 12: Should You Have Umbrella Insurance?

2014, No. 11: Is a Revocable Living Trust Right for You?

2014, No. 10: Should You Invest in a Target-Date Fund?

2013, No. 9: How Much Do Retirees Spend?

2013, No. 8: Should you Purchase Disability Insurance?

2013, No. 7: Should you Purchase Long Term Care Insurance?

2012, No. 6: The Case for Municipal Bonds

2012, No. 5: Is the Safe Withdrawal Rate still 4%?

2012, No. 4: How Do You Select a Financial Advisor?

2012, No. 3: What is the Right Retirement Portfolio?

2011, No. 2: Does Active Management Add Value?

2011, No. 1: Managing Risks in Volatile Markets