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Sustainable Investing

Artemis offers sustainable and responsible investing as an option for interested clients. Our approach is fully aligned with our overall investment philosophy and focuses on utilizing low-cost investment vehicles that have been screened for environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria.

Environmental, Social and Goverance Criteria

Environmental Social Governance
Climate change and carbon emissions Gender and diversity policies Board composition
Air and water pollution Human rights Executive compensation
Energy efficiency Labor standards Audit committee structure
Waste management Employee engagement Bribery and corruption policies
Water scarcity Customer satisfaction Lobbying activities
Biodiversity and deforestation Community relations Political contributions

The premise behind sustainable and responsible investing is that directing capital toward companies that are dealing effectively with sustainability and governance issues will enhance the transition to a more sustainable global economy and lead to better investment performance. The latter is posited because research has shown that those companies that are effectively addressing ESG issues perform better on a whole variety of financial metrics.

Artemis offers sustainable and responsible investing because we have long believed that clients should be able to express their values through their investment decisions. While our focus is on rewarding firms who score well across all relevant ESG criteria, we are also able to offer options to clients who want to focus on specific themes such as clean water, gender diversity, and sustainable agriculture.

The choice to introduce ESG criteria into the investment decision is an individual one. Please get in touch if you would like to learn more.