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Financial Planning

We review our clients’ current and prospective financial situation, understand their specific goals and objectives, and then develop a practical and flexible blueprint to achieve those goals. Our financial planning capabilities are comprehensive and include all of the areas shown below.

Our Capabilities

  • Develop a baseline scenario (short- and long-range wealth projections) as a starting point for comprehensive planning work
  • Test likelihood of meeting short and long-term goals using probability analysis and other statistical methods
  • Employ sensitivity analysis to isolate most important drivers of plan success
  • Use scenarios to quantify the tradeoffs of one financial choice versus another such as buying a home versus renting

  • Determine cash flow needs
  • Develop cash flow-based, long-range wealth projections
  • Evaluate sources of income and propose alternative strategies
  • Assess tax implications of retirement options
  • Facilitate informed pension payout decisions

  • Evaluate current investment strategy, portfolio structure, and investment vehicles
  • Develop strategy recommendations consistent with planning needs and risk tolerance
  • For ongoing investment services, please visit our Wealth Management page of this website.
  • Project cash flow needs for education
  • Evaluate alternative tax-advantaged educational savings schemes
  • Select appropriate investment options
  • Evaluate existing healthcare coverage
  • Recommend proper coverage levels and product types
  • Identify and evaluate individual insurance / Medicare supplement options
  • Evaluate existing policies
  • Recommend proper coverage levels and product types
  • Work with trusted agents to obtain quotes
  • Consider all aspects: disability, life, long-term care, liability, property and casualty, asset protection.
  • Provide customized tax projections
  • Consider tax-efficiency when developing investment portfolio recommendations
  • Identify tax reduction strategies
  • Work with client’s tax accountant in special situations including low-basis stock, AMT, stock option exercises
  • Analyze and explain tax consequences of current estate structure
  • Review existing documents and beneficiary designations
  • Provide referrals to estate attorneys as needed

Our Process

Our financial planning assistance begins with a detailed review of a client’s current financial situation and their short and long-term financial goals. Working closely with the client, we start by developing a financial model to help us quantify whether the client will have sufficient resources to achieve all of their goals. If not, we then look to quantify the options available to the client to get closer to their goals and use the results to help frame a viable overall financial strategy for them. This strategy includes the prospective investment return the client needs to make for the overall plan to work but one that is still fully consistent with their tolerance for taking investment risk.

With a return target set, our process for developing the investment strategy begins with a thorough review of our client’s current portfolio and an analysis of a questionnaire that helps us to understand their specific investment goals. Based on this information, we will evaluate different asset allocation strategies with them so that they understand the risks they would be taking and the results that they might expect.

Similar care is taken as we present strategies for reducing taxes, taking distributions, reducing risk through insurance, and estate planning. At every stage, we ensure that our client understands the choices they are making and the steps needed to implement them.

Our work ends once the financial strategy and investment plan have been developed. It is now up to the client to implement and monitor their plan.