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Artemis Financial Advisors offers five services: financial plan development, comprehensive wealth management, sustainable and responsible investing, divorce financial analysis, and personal finance education.

Financial Plan Development

This service is geared to both individuals and couples who need a plan to help them buy a home, start a family or engage in a new career. It is also designed for those nearing the end of their career who need detailed retirement planning assistance.

Each engagement is highly customized to the issues that need to be addressed and the client’s key concerns. Our recommendations are actionable and practical, and made in full consultation with the client.

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Wealth Management

This service integrates financial plan development with discretionary investment management services and financial plan implementation. It is designed for those who have a minimum of $1.0 million in investable assets.

Our investment management approach is built on a foundation of clear investment goals, diversification of risk, value-based investing and efficient execution. We seek excess returns through a dynamic asset allocation process that emphasizes diversification – not just across asset classes, but across risk factors, market sectors and regions.

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Sustainable and Responsible Investing

This service is geared to our wealth management clients who are interested in rewarding companies that are dealing effectively with sustainability and governance issues.

We work to customize our clients’ portfolios to reflect their values while still maintaining adherence to our overall investment philosophy and our focus on low-cost implementation.

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Divorce Financial Analysis

This service is for those who are either considering divorce or are already in a divorce process. Our focus is on helping individuals and couples understand the financial implications of a divorce and ensuring the ultimate separation agreement is equitable from a financial perspective both in the short and long-term.

Our service also helps clients resolve a wide variety of post-divorce financial challenges such as the need for a new financial and investment plan that reflects the new reality.

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Personal Finance Education

This service is for anyone who wants to learn the basics of personal finance in a one-on-one or small group setting. Our goal is to provide you with all of the tools and knowledge to make you more confident in your financial decision-making.

Our interactive course consists of two two-hour sessions where students have the opportunity to ask questions and learn the fundamental principles of budgeting, investing, managing financial risk, and much more, directly from the Artemis team.

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