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Our perspective on the the markets and what others are saying about them.

Q2 2018: Technology Investing – Is This Time Different?

August 10, 2018 BY

We are today publishing our latest Market Outlook and Strategy report for Q2 2018.

In this report we continue our discussion regarding “thematic” investing and Artemis’ approach to capturing value in this way. In particular, we respond to some healthy skepticism from some clients over the biggest claims made regarding the current wave of technological innovation. We also flesh out the view that most of the … Read more

Seeing Past the Noise

February 15, 2018 BY

Below is a copy of a note I recently sent to our investment management clients about the market’s recent turbulence. We thought it might be of interest to share more widely.

Seeing Past the Noise

Okay, it’s been a lousy week as markets have gyrated back and forth. It’s always hard to pinpoint the exact trigger behind a market jolt, but we all know the market … Read more

Brexit is Not 2008 All Over Again

June 28, 2016 BY

As one very well-respected British commentator (Martin Wolf) remarked over the weekend, “The hinge between the EU and the English-speaking powers has been snapped. This [Brexit] is probably the most disastrous single event in British history since the second world war.”

Brexit is very sad news but from a global economic standpoint there are no signs that the vote will precipitate another 2008. I can’t stress … Read more

Greece: Ongoing Soap Opera

July 8, 2015 BY

I have been watching events in Greece very closely. I’ve learned a fair bit and thought I’d share some of my thoughts with all of you.

1. What was Sunday’s vote really about?

Despite the confusion on how the ballot read, most Greeks said that by voting no, they were saying that they won’t make any more sacrifices without meaningful debt relief. The argument for debt … Read more

Q1 2015 – The Power of Diversification

May 14, 2015 BY

In this report we discuss the rationale for holding a diversified portfolio, even when one market or region of the world is performing much better than others.  We discuss the advantages of diversification, explain why it is a superior investment approach for many, but also why it is not a panacea.  Most importantly we remind the reader that diversification only works when you stick with it … Read more

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