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Brexit is Not 2008 All Over Again

June 28, 2016 BY

As one very well-respected British commentator (Martin Wolf) remarked over the weekend, “The hinge between the EU and the English-speaking powers has been snapped. This [Brexit] is probably the most disastrous single event in British history since the second world war.”

Brexit is very sad news but from a global economic standpoint there are no signs that the vote will precipitate another 2008. I can’t stress … Read more

Q1 2016: Market Outlook and Strategy Report

May 11, 2016 BY

Today we are releasing our Q1 2016 Market Outlook and Strategy Report.  In this issue,  we review the tumultuous quarter we experienced and its impact on our strategies.

We also provide a discussion of the promise and pitfalls of negative nominal interest rates, the newest addition to the arsenal of the European and Japanese central banks. While we don’t think the U.S. is going to … Read more

Artemis is a Fiduciary!

April 7, 2016 BY

Some good news! If Artemis manages your retirement account, the new DOL rule has no impact on you because we are already a fiduciary and put your interests above our own. And we do so for all of your assets, not just your retirement accounts! Hurrah.

What am I talking about? Yesterday the Department of Labor announced the final version of a new fiduciary rule, which … Read more

Market Outlook and Strategy for 2016

February 16, 2016 BY

Today we are releasing our 2016 Investment Outlook and Strategy Report.  In this issue, we review the strategy moves we made in 2015 and how they played out and we also discuss our positioning for 2016.

In brief, we favor Europe and the U.S. over emerging market and favor a better balance between credit-sensitive and interest-rate sensitive debt.  We do not believe Treasury yields are … Read more

Pining for Private Equity – Read This

August 18, 2015 BY

U.S. stock market returns have been stuck in neutral this year due to high valuations and declining profit margins, and returns are expected to remain sub-par over the next years. As such, some folks have been wondering whether they should diversify away from public equities.

Clients have asked us about real estate, angel investing, peer-to-peer lending, buying precious gems, farmland and even artwork.  But the most-often … Read more

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