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What is Financial Planning?

September 26, 2019 BY

Ten years ago, I decided to make a major career change that I knew could have longer-term repercussions and affect my overall financial health. Up to that point, I thought I had been financially savvy by maxing out my retirement savings, tracking my spending, saving for retirement and investing that savings in a range of ways. But I didn’t have a formal financial plan in place. … Read more

New Subscription-based Fee Options

September 17, 2019 BY

Financial Planning

Artemis is pleased to announce that we now offer subscription-based financial planning, suitable to those who want implementation support and ongoing coaching, in addition to financial plan development. While many of you are comfortable implementing your plan recommendations and ensuring you stay on track, we increasingly find that some of you would like the ability to check in on a regular basis with a … Read more

Is Social Security Going Broke?

September 13, 2019 BY

Social Security paid out more in retirement and disability benefits in 2018 than it took in via payroll (a.k.a. FICA) taxes. This has been the case each year since 2010 and is only projected to get worse. As a result, many people have become doubtful when it comes to predictions of Social Security’s solvency and long-term benefit payments. However, I tend to be more optimistic. My … Read more

Meet Patient Advocate, Dr. Stacey Batista

August 1, 2019 BY

As part of our Women, Money and Impact series, we recently hosted a lunch-and-learn with Dr. Stacey Batista of Sirona Health Advocates. Dr. Batista is a patient advocate—a resource we at Artemis believe to be quite valuable to someone facing a complicated medical diagnosis or perhaps trying to navigate end-of-life care for a family member. I found Dr. Batista when I was recently trying to navigate … Read more

Retiree Healthcare Expenses (Part 1)

August 1, 2019 BY

This post is the first of a three-part series on retiree healthcare expenses.

Part 1: Drivers of Retiree Healthcare Expenses
Part 2: Understanding Medicare
Part 3: Factoring in Long-term Care

We are often asked during retirement planning engagements how we estimate retiree healthcare expenses. It’s an important question because healthcare can consume such a large portion of many retirement budgets. What’s more, healthcare expenses can vary … Read more

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