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The Long-Term Care Dilemma

July 28, 2020 BY

This post is the third of a three-part series on retiree healthcare expenses.

Part 1: Drivers of Retiree Healthcare Expenses
Part 2: Understanding Medicare
Part 3: The Long-term Care Dilemma


In this final post of the series, I tackle how you should factor the potential cost of long-term care (LTC) into your overall healthcare expenses.


What is long-term care?


Long-term care (LTC) typically … Read more

Q2 2020: Market Outlook & Strategy

July 22, 2020 BY

This quarter’s report is dedicated to providing our readers an update on the thematic investments we started making back in early 2018. This allocation is currently dedicated to the theme of disruptive innovation, and we have built our exposure to include a wide variety of new technologies across geographies and company sizes.

I hope you enjoy the reading and please get in touch if you have … Read more

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Should You Put Your Vacation Home in an LLC?

July 12, 2020 BY

Most ordinary folks do not hold their primary residence in a limited-liability company (LLC), so why consider doing so for one’s vacation home? As it turns out, there are some pretty good reasons why the LLC structure is a good one for vacation homes.

Read the latest Artemis Brief to find out why.… Read more


Puzzles and Asset Location Investing

June 24, 2020 BY

My wife gave me this puzzle for Father’s Day this year. My 3-year-old absolutely loves puzzles, so I think we did the puzzle about 10 times the very first day. He can almost do the whole thing by himself. I’ve been teaching him the basic rules for solving a jigsaw puzzle:

  • Put the corners in place first
  • Next try to find the edge pieces and put
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Gender Lens Investing

June 4, 2020 BY

The future of investing will be about more than simple return; it will also be about impact. Our latest brief provides a framework for incorporating gender lens investing into your portfolio and several ideas to help you get started! … Read more