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Why Choose Artemis?

Our Global Perspective.

We believe that the key to achieving good risk-adjusted returns is by taking advantage of investment opportunities throughout the world. We have a deep understanding of how to profit from a dynamic global macroeconomic environment, having worked extensively overseas. Moreover, much of our academic and professional expertise has been focused on the emerging markets.

Our Investment Approach.

Our strategy for managing money is analytical and disciplined. We seek excess returns through a dynamic asset allocation process that emphasizes diversification—not just across asset classes, but across risk factors, market sectors and regions.

Our Broad Perspective.

We consider our clients’ whole financial situation—offering our best general advice, regardless of the specific assets under our management. Our customized quarterly reports offer a comprehensive performance analysis of the portfolios we manage; our annual review process assesses progress toward our clients’ overall financial goals, taking into account assets held elsewhere.

Our Objectivity.

We align our clients’ interests with our own by relying exclusively on a fee-only model. Since we do not benefit from mutual fund loads or brokerage commissions, our clients can be confident that our advice is geared toward serving their needs.

Our Personalized Service.

Our clients are our first and only priority. We have a small clientele and seek to provide the highest-quality service, customized to their needs.

Our Sensibilities.

We are sophisticated, yet pragmatic in our approach. We strive to simplify and clarify investment choices, with reports that our clients can understand and advice that they can implement. We invest in funds that are cost-effective and tax efficient.