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Who We Serve

Our goal at Artemis is to empower our clients at every stage of life. Whether they need to create a financial vision, overhaul their investment strategy or create a sustainable retirement plan, we can provide the assistance needed. We specialize in serving:

Individuals Preparing for Retirement

We work with individuals and families who are still in the savings and growth stage for their investments. We help them to achieve a successful retirement via developing detailed wealth projections and spending plans, design practical distribution strategies and ensuring their tax, estate, and insurance plans are fully coordinated and optimized.

Affluent Women

Just like men, women’s financial advisory needs differ markedly based on marital status, employment status, caregiving demands, and life stage. Through our experience of working with a wide range of women, we have come to learn how to better understand their particular situations, and customize our services to best fit what they need.

Young Professionals

Whether they want to buy a home, start a family, engage in a new career, or start a savings plan, we work with young professionals to develop their financial vision and help them make more informed choices. Our planning is right-sized for their needs.

Clients in Transition

We frequently partner with clients during significant life changes such as professional transitions, divorce, remarriage or inheritance. We take pride in educating our clients on investments and finance, particularly if they are new to the topic.